Sunday, May 08, 2005

Another A

Amar has a pyschopathic Sikh room-mate.

Amar's room-mate looks something like the fellow on the left Posted by Hello

He is always pissed off about everything. The loss of the beloved Khalsa to the Bastard Emperialists in Anglo-Sikh war of 1840s. The fact there was no Sikh in the Amar Akbar Anthony triumvirate. The inadequate amount of malai in bottled milk. The bifurcation of Punjab. The trifurcation of a bifurcated Punjab. This all furcing irritates him. I am unable to ascertain how widespread these resentments are among his people.

Anyway, he says to let you know that maybe henceforth he will be posting on this blog using my identity, because frankly, Amaninder Amar Akbar Anthony doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

He says he will be inciting revolution, ranting against humanity, and throwing abuse at one and all. Amar is always happy to give a brother a chance to speak and express himself. All I ask, friends, is do not confuse him with Amar.