Sunday, May 01, 2005

the good old days

For no particular reason, Amar's memory turns to the events characterised in 1975 super hit Sholay. In a faraway village, Brother Veeru woos his beloved Basanti in comic fashion, at one point outrageously threatening public suicide if his love is rejected. Veeru wasn't the suiciding type, but the innocent villagers, unused to the dramatic and devious ways of big city folk, did not know that. In the end, disaster is averted, Basanti falls for Veeru's charms, and all is well with the world.

The modern version of this tale was in the papers a year ago. An inspired and idealistic young Deshi Romeo had climbed up on the town's concrete water tower. He was in love, but the girl's parents were being obstructive. A crowd gathered around to watch and listen as the lad made threats interspersed with declarations of love. Someone went running to fetch the girl and her family to the scene. I will jump unless I can have her, the lad yelled with bravado. The girl's parents weren't ones to blink. Nothing doing, they said, go ahead and jump. He did. Splat. End of story.