Monday, May 02, 2005

great indian ripoff - season 2

Last time round we saw Jawahar steal his mother’s jewellery and frame Ali, who is kicked out of the house by Mohandas. We also saw Archie Wavell jilting Jawahar and sail off to Vilayat. What happens then? Find out below.

Mohandas soon finds out about his son’s misdeed. He becomes very remorseful over his unjust treatment of Ali. In good Desi fashion, he turns to the gods. He begins to spend a lot of time in the local temple. Pretty soon, in his quest for spirituality and repentance, he turns to abstinence.

This last development makes Moti Bai, who recall is 20 years his junior, very unhappy. Moti finds solace in the arms of Nathuram Godse, the local gardener. Yeah right – Desperate Housewife rip off. Sure, we are not unaffected by the US!

Anyway, to the story. Mohandas is guilt ridden and spending time prostrating before Shivalingam. Moti is unsatisfied, and makes illicit trysts with the local gardener. And before you know it, she is pregnant. When a baby is born, Mohandas accepts her as God’s child, and names her Jaya Narayan. The stresses of the affair and pregnancy turns Moti into a manic depressive. Blaming Mohandas for Moti’s condition, and deprived of the fatherhood, Nathuram kills Mohandas in a prayer meeting.