Tuesday, May 03, 2005

great indian ripoff - season 3

Previously on the ultimate Desi mega serial ­– Mohandas is killed by his depressed wife’s jilted lover.

We return to Ali. Despite being evicted by Mohandas with the shame of named a thief, Ali’s career is unhindered. How? We don’t show that. Let’s take it for granted that he does well. He does so well that he is sent to Vilayat to study law. Before going to Vilayat of course he has to be married off. His family arranges this. The bride is a shrewd village beauty named Ayuba. Ali finishes his study in double time, and becomes a solicitor in Londonistan. Ali and Ayuba are soon joined by Fatima – Ayuba’s divorced younger sister, and her infant son Mujib.

Jawahar also sails to Vilayat. He is joined there by Moti and her daughter Jaya. Jawahar quickly develops an intense rivalry with another Desi student called Subhas. Subhas taunts Jawahar for his trading class non bhadralok background. Jawahar replies by setting Subhas up on pranks. The two are to be found in every contest such as rowing, cricket and bhangra night – bhangra night? Well why not? This is a Desi serial, and phoren Punjabis are a big demographics.

Anyway, pretty soon the Jawahar-Subhas rivalry takes a nasty turn. One day, in the heat of the moment, Subhas charges after Jawahar with a knife. Jawahar ducks, Subhas falls and breaks his back, becoming paralysed. The whole incident puts an end to Jawahar’s dream of becoming an ICS officer. He moves to Londonistan instead, becoming a school teacher.