Wednesday, November 16, 2005

heart of darkness

the future hooligans of england are currently walking past the office. that's right, school is out, though in this impoverished part of the city, schools have been replaced by something called 'city academies'. These academies were set up to replace traditional schools in the (educationally) worst performing parts of the country, and aim to better cater to the low aspirations of the local clientele. I am unable to comment on the quality of education on offer, but the building is designed like a prison, with cameras, security guards, watch dogs, and a mobile cctv control room permanently parked outside. Its boundary with the free world is marked by tall, spiked metal gates and fencing. Students enter in the morning and leave late afternoon, no one is allowed out for lunch. Some suggest the security is there to protect the valuable equipment the academy owns, but most agree that it is really there to keep the students locked in, to protect those outside from those inside. But one day they will have to be released into the world, and the dysfunctional spawn of the citizenry will shape and become the future of this country. Who will save us then?