Wednesday, December 07, 2005

rachel and the bean-stalk: a true story

Once upon a time on a weird and mysterious island, an innocent young girl called rachel was walking down a street when suddenly, a strange and sinister looking man aqqeared out of nowhere. She was terrified!

In her own words,"I saw Mr Bean when he was over [here] filming and I followed him like a celebrity stalker down Strand Street - get me!"

Okay, so not exactly. Here is what really haqqened:

"Well I saw him walking towards me and you know when you think 'I know that person' and you kind of give them a half smile? Well it was at that point that he did a 180 and I thought oh my god its Mr Bean! So I kind of half run/half walked to keep up with him. I followed him laughing and smiling at people all the way down Strand St. I'm sure he knew I was following him because he dived into a computer game shop at which point I realised how much of a stalker I was so I sloped into a card shop to regain my self control! But I couldn't stop laughing so I had to tell the lady behind the till that I'd just been following Rowan Atkinson down the street. Obviously she didn't find it as amusing as me. Then I text everyone I knew to tell them!"

Bloody marvelous!