Friday, February 10, 2006

The moronic spectacle (continued)

Akbar noted earlier: It is the fact that any comments questioning certain facts of Holocaust Revisionism on six Million Jews is treated as criminal offence in certain European countries and most of the western world while making fun of Prophet Muhammad which affects One Billion muslims, is treated as a case of free speech.

The Economist says: Denying the Holocaust should certainly not be outlawed: far better to let those who deny well-documented facts expose themselves to ridicule than pose as martyrs. This is Anthony’s view as well.

Meanwhile, Anthony noted: Maybe Hamas decided that this was a good distraction for them before they do a Sadat and recognise Israel.

The BBC reports: The political leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas has said it is willing to take a serious step towards peace if Israel does the same.

You can read the A-A-A reaction here amar akbar anthony and danish cartoon.