Saturday, March 18, 2006

AAA say: Save the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad!

What is taking place?

Saudis have taken the Birthplace of the Prophet, which is currently a small library resting on the original home of Sayyidina Abdul Muttalib's foundations, and have covered it up in the process of demolishing the building and eradicating its foundations, after which they intend to build a very large building at the site to be the King Fahd Library.

Ironic isn't it. All the fiery rabble-rousers, theologians, politicians and mobs of the muslim world are more interested in destroying denmark [in the name of the prophet] rather than protecting what remains of the same prophet's house.

AAA are confident that the
prophet's honour is unaffected by a few cartoons. But we are rather concerned about the chances of the prophet's house surviving the bull-dozers of the faithful! So here we are, supporting this cause, joining forces with this cool looking sufi guy who lives on the banner page.

sufi: hi everybody!