Monday, March 13, 2006

Excerpts from Amar’s notebook…

…posted here without his permission.

March 9 3am

Meeting up with Anthony in the urban sprawl out in the Pacific coast later this morning. Should be great. Especially that green dish that goes so well kheer and red wine. And then maybe we will watch Company — Anthony’s not convinced that you can see the tiranga in their faces in the opening scene.

Anyway, that’s later in the morning. Now to have bad dreams for two hours, and then three hours of travel.


Anthony’s late, which is not surprising. Annoying nonetheless.

March 10 4am

Most of yesterday was taken up trying to find the suitable package for Jet Bahadur. After what he did for me during the Operation Liberating Peace back in 2004, it will be a great affront if I go to his headquarters without the supply. Of course I had to contact him first and make sure that he is not underground. In fact, if he had been underground then it would have been completely pointless to come out here in the country — Anthony will have to return for Friday night shift, and I don’t care about climbing a hill that much.

Anthony claimed that he knew a place, the alley behind the Kool Kat’s Klub to be exact, whence we could avail a stash. Of course he knew where the Klub was as much as Al Gore invented the internet. No matter, we found a bunch of satellite pictures with the aid of which it will be very easy to cross borders. It wasn’t quite easy sailing though. We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere because we came under open fire. The situation was saved by some sharp driving by my cabbie brother.

On the way to the hills, told Anthony about Comrade Sen’s thesis on India’s manufacturing resurgence creating social dislocation in the People’s Republic. He wasn’t convinced. Must urge him to post on this stuff.

And oh, there wasn’t any of that delicious dish at Anthony’s. Bastard!

March 12 3am

Much of this page is illegible because of a red stain. I’d have thought red wine, but Jet Bahadur’s headquarters, where Amar was staying at that time, is free of any intoxicant. The other possibility is of course blood. — AG


Anthony dropped by at about 8pm. We discussed the complexity of the French situation. The right cannot bear to accept the Anglo-German hegemony, but opposing it would have to mean giving up their empire. The left is confused, much like anywhere else. I remain optimist, but both Jet Bahadur and Anthony seemed to have written the French off.

Met Jet Bahadur’s friend Venison Vindaloo…. This is where the writing becomes illegible because of bloodstains. It appears that there was some mention of Subhas Bose.

…. It seems to me that the best option would be to avoid Gallipoli all together. But if we must,
we could make fun of the stupid Australians who celebrate their nationhood marking an inconsequential battle they lost for a pointless war involving others. And how do they celebrate this? By getting gloriously drunk of course. I wonder what the Brother of the Minar would have made of these Antipodean fools had he met them….

Again the bloodstain, something involving the Republic of Hatay.

…. We were getting the real time satellite feed on the battle against the English forces in the Fiver Rivers territory. Unfortunately the Little General has fallen….

More illegibility follows.

March 7am

What should I talk to her about? That Soundgarden song comes to mind.