Saturday, May 13, 2006

seeking allah in london

greetings from amar and akbar, al-hamdulillah the newly radicalised islamists of london. we began the day in london at the world infamous finsbury mosque, the former base of the evil mullah abu hamza, and where shoe bomber richard reid, 9-11 related convict zakarias moussaoui, chechen rebels and others prayed together and schemed and plotted the downfall of the western world. we were given a guided tour by the management, who saw the fervour and faith in our eyes and beards. But we had to leave early - there was other important business to attend to.

After various amusements and distractions in secular london, we ended up for the evening at a lebanese cafe in the arab district where we pondered over the day's events smoking hookahs

tomorrow offers the promise of a visit to speaker's corner at hyde park, where we might turn into conspiracy theorists, or hare krishna followers, or even alien/pharmaceutical company controlled zombies. Who can say for sure except Allah, the mighty and the merciful, who knows and sees all.

More from us later as time allows.