Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shaadi No.1

My weekend was interesting...

My father set me up to see a potential Rishta (this is the first time we are going to see some strangers and show interest in their daughter).

This is a combined effort of three mohajir families (friends of the friends of the friends of some Rajputi family - East Punjabi , technically mohajir as well!) ....All because my mother is not here...

The experience was humiliating for me..for many reasons;

1. We wanted a discreet meeting without the girl's family being aware that we had come for the assessment..instead a whole bloody inspection team of 6 mohairs and two punjabis (me and dad) proceeded to one of those posh compounds....

The aunty who is a friend of ours...thought otherwise...'Whats the use of meeting without any purpose. might as well do it openly' her logic was correct in her place. - I tell u biharis are not as dangerous as pakistan settled Bhopalis-.

2. Then the girl entered the room..and we could only get a glimpse....but me and dad were upset that it is humiliating for the girl to be brought in front of seven men just to pick up the tea tray and leave...its better if they just showed the bloody picture..considering they are so conservative.

Also Dad finally realised that this arrangmeent is too formal and superficial....synthetic...so finally he agreed with me.

3. At the time of leaving, the girl's father...mentioned to my dad's friend that he will follow up tomorrow..as they are interested in me-they wanted my 'bio data' to which we queried if they wanted copies of my degree certificates jokingly - he had a serious tone. What pissed both of us off was that the girl hasnt seen me. far from speaking ...nor did they ask her opinion in this... so the parents just decided for the girl that they are interested.

We indirectly informed we are not interested....and dad agreed that we are better off focussing on the two already shortlisted daughters from family friends (remember the gujranwala and karachi).

I told dad there is nothing to focus on..just make a bloody decision... when mum comes back.....Dad smirks 'whats the rush son' ..i say' frustration dad' !

Marriage is already turning out to be a head ache...however we passed our time well exchanging jokes..about Dad's first visit....