Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Aap ki Nazron ney samjha – Your ogling has understood *

Either I am infatuated or this song is too good. The poetry, the vocals and the rhythm just flow. Lata is at her best in this song . Dilip kumar once complemented her in the words ‘In ki awaaz Khuda ka ek karishma hai’ – ‘Her voice is the miracle of God.’

‘Kyon mein toofan sey daroon, mera sahil aap hain’ - ‘Why should I fear the storm when you are my shore’. I hope my future wife (whoever she maybe) says these bold words for me. (I may not hang around on the shore if there is a bloody toofan).

The reason for listening to so many love songs lately is the result of watching Fanaa. Twice that is or thrice actually - once on the laptop (pirated version Zindabaad), to copy out the missing words of poetry.

Why? It’s a gr8 film. Everybody hates it except me and amar. The film has everything. Action, romance, comedy, poetry, kids section, etc.etc.

Sure the nikah scene (marriage) was inconsistent and nonsense (u need six witnesses from both sides to have a nikah – oh well u can’t use rabbits in Kashmir wilderness), the drinking muslim guy was pathtic….but hey many muslims drink in the memory of their dead wives (especially at Duabi airport) it was all round good entertaiment. The rishi kapoor dummy floating under ice was hilarious.

At least from my point Pakistan also got to be a victim of Kashmiri terrorism.

The reason people hate this movie is because Amir Khan once again exceeded everyone’s expectations of the kind of genre he can act in.

Lag ja galey, kay phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho.

Come into my arms, as this night may never come again.

The context in which this song was played in the movie gave the song new meaning and life. Lovely song. However quite crude by desi standards, as the girl is openly inviting a man to hug her as this night may not be, and to ogle her as this moment may never come. Too bad Rehan Qadri is not a practicing Muslim and same for Ms. Impregnated before marriage twice abandoned Zoony.

Watching a desi film in an Inglistani (Brtish) cinema is an interesting experience. The turnover of people leaving the cinema is quite high…especially after the opening scene (which is song and dance generally). If not leaving then hooting is an excellent recourse. Genuine audiences who are regulars come in teams the size of indoor footall teams.

Leading the group would be a stocky sari clad aunty, who would keep making the most beautiful chic among the group move from seat to seat to avoid young hot blooded studs like me and amar from staring at her. Oh well….we saw what we had come to see.

Sadly as I am back in the land of two holy Holy mosques with out cinemas or theatres and I continue to look forward to another Amir Khan movie.

* Excuse the literal translation. The complete title should be ‘your eyes have accepted me as able for your love.’