Monday, July 17, 2006

taxi driver

"Very hot today, isn't it."

"So where are you coming from? Who did you go with? Alone?! How is that possible!"

"Why you didn't take your girl friend to Venice? What, you don't have a girl friend? Why not? Women..."[sighs] "That's what every man wants, no?!"

"You should get married. I am married, I even have two kids. I know it is worrying, all the responsibilty and the restrictions, but it's the best feeling in the world when you come home after work to your family. You feel great." [contemplative silence] "Of course, women are never happy with you. Always something is wrong, but that's women eh!"

"Where are you originally from? Punjab? Indian or Pakistani. What religion are you? A Sikh? Of course it doesn't matter, I am asking just like that."

"So, how is the night life in Venice? That's not what you went for, I guess. I used to be like you, travelling all the time, partying and going out, drinking. I only started driving a taxi three weeks ago, before that I was not doing anything for four years! Just going out every night, it gets boring man. So I decided to try driving a taxi."

"There are too many taxis in this city nowadays. Four years ago, when you used to come out of a night club, there would be no taxi to take you home. But now, all you see are taxis, taxis everywhere! There's a whole queue of taxis waiting! Still, it's good money. And one is independent. If ever there's any trouble in my shop, I can go and sort it out."

"But still, one can't go on enjoying life forever. You should get married, it is the best thing. Tell your parents. They will find a good girl. Send me a wedding card. Salaam brother, take care!"