Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A-A talk sensitivities

Amar: Speaking of this Hitler restaurant, and the arbitrariness of morality and popular opinion, I have seen a restaurant in London called The New Cultural Revolution, and no problems that I know of.

Anthony: And I’ve been to a number of Genghis Khan Mongolian restaurants. And Che Guevara’s head is an icon. Hell, even in the US, The Motorcycle Diaries was a big hit. Che, of course, wanted to destroy the American way of life, like Osama does.


1. Indian secularism caters to Muslim and Christian sensitivities, so why not extend the same courtesy to Jews.

2. Of course, the monstrosities that were Nazism and Fascism are to be thoroughly deplored, but in a country where a self-proclaimed Fascist is hailed by some as a national hero, why get worked up about naming a restaurant after Hitler?

3. While the means are the same, can one argue that Che’s and Osama’s ends are very different? Anyway, Osama’s head is also an icon in some parts of the world.