Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Thousand Eyes of Indra - I

It all began, as trouble often does, with a woman's beauty and a man's desire. Devaraja Indra, the Ruler of Heaven, Lord of the Overworld, husband of Devranee Indrayani and Playboy Extraordinaire, was feeling distracted from his duties...for his heart and his mind were secretly consumed by the thought of a woman.

Narrator: My brothers, men of this but-for-women-cursed world, husbands and lovers, sons of Adam, which one among you hasn't been enslaved by the beauty of a woman? Have you really never met a woman who has disturbed the beating of your heart, who made the blood rush from your liver to your head, and elsewhere lower below too, whose desire made you blind to all reason and logic, whose lust made you forget your duty to your parents and to the seven generations of your ancestors? It is true for all of you, admit it now! Because a woman is such a thing, nay, the only thing, that unleashes such storms of passion in a man's heart.