Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A-A talk Nehru’s heirs

Amar: You know that West Wing episode with Nehru’s granddaughter as the Indian Prime Minister?

Anthony: Yeah.

Amar: Was she also white and called Mountbatten?

Anthony: She wasn’t shown, but I don’t follow.

Amar: Nehru had only one child, Indira. Whose children in turn were Sanjay and Rajiv. So, for there to be another grandchild, there would either need to be illegitimate offspring of Indira, or another illegitimate offspring for Nehru. Indira would be hard-pressed to conceal a pregnancy for months. Who else was Nehru's woman? Mountbatten. So any offspring would have been born to the Mountbatten family, and would then be partly white. So in the West Wing universe, India would have had a Mountbatten as Prime Minister.