Sunday, November 19, 2006

Irritative Fight-Club Syndrome

Reading chapter 13 of Fight club while suffering from a bout of Irritative Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be a traumatic experience, but not regrettable.

IBS as defined in google searches as ‘An irritative and inflammatory disorder of the intestine.’

IBS as experienced by one of the brothers AAA – ‘irritant pain in butt- hole spreading down the right hip and ending on the right testicle’

To top it, reading fight club to distract one self from the pain is even worse. If the description of the IBS above is not foul enough, then fight club fills in the sadistic blanks.

IBS combined with fits of giggling at Tyler waiting/serving tables in hotel, at the soap cakes made from the discarded fat of Marla’s mother and the narrator checking Marla’s boobs for breast cancer while recalling his childhood memory of his penis being frozen by science students. – Hilarious.

Fight Club is a good read and highly recommended by the brothers AAA.