Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On death of solitude

Recently a friend experienced a moment of solitude for a few days. On being asked the reason for such solitude, none was forth coming

As per internet dictionary solitude is defined as ‘the state of being or living alone; seclusion: to enjoy one's solitude’

To most people this state is temporary release from everyday drudgery of life. However I think people fail to miss the fact in spirit we are permanently in solitude. Our soul/spirit is in permanent turmoil, trying to escape this reality of being stuck in our bodies. It seeks release/freedom from the solitude of body.

The only way out is death.

Sounds negative? But then if people try to improve their situation by trying to achieve freedom in this plain, they remain in perpetual state of desires and never happy with the existing situation. The more they get the more they want.

Death. regarded as benign word with negative connotations. However, it is a sweet word. It represents freedom/escape. The ultimate escape. Rebirth and re-incarnation make death pointless. Rebirth in the same world of solitude – does not make sense.

The freedom as a result of death is where the spirit frees itself from permanent solitude and turmoil of this world. It finds its true path. The path leading to becoming One with the creator.

The freedom transcends all other conceived notions of freedom in this earth. Once this path is recognized then it does not matter where a person lives but when he/she/it lives.

To quote my friend Amar;

Darkness is all, no other ends - only delays,
Ourselves unkown, there's no other way
to escape and be more
than what we are now.