Thursday, May 03, 2007

A-A talk Exoplanetary Life

Man, this Super Earth stuff is really cool. It’s about 20 light years away. Let’s say that in a hundred year or so we build one of them gravity drives that can travel at 10 per cent of the speed of light. That will take about 200 years to get to this planet. Presumably people will live longer in a century. But I don’t think we will live two centuries. Hmm, presumably hibernation is the key. Of course, we should re-direct the SETI effort to see if there’s anyone on that rock.

All this search for extra-terrestrial life strikes me as silly. We human don't even like each other, can't live together in peace, are full of prejudices against those think or look or behave differently As for other forms of life, they signify nothing to us, we kill them at our pleasure. So why are we going around looking for alien life forms? If they are dumber than us, then do we want to go poke them with a stick, or barbeque them, or train them to be our slaves? We don't want to help our fellow humans or 'earthlings', why would we want to help them?

And if they are cleverer than us, does it get even more insane? If the behaviour of our own advanced human civilisations is any guide, they will either exploit us for profit, or destroy and kill us. Imagine if an ant decided to pay you a visit wanting to get to know you better. Squash!, and serve us right too.