Monday, February 11, 2008


SubhanAllah! Prophet's Mosque, Medinah - drowned in a sea of lights -All thanks and credit to the skillfull Saudi Binladin Group (yes- Osama relatives) whose worker tolied day and night to build such a magnificent mosque - and continue to renovate and refurnish. By God! Osama and family shall be granted a place in Heaven -Inshallah! and so shall the King -All Hail the dead fat King!!

All hail Akbar's Samsung D-900 mobile, whose magnifient 3.0 megapixel camera captured this beautiful view for the world. All hail Akbar's vanity, for the camera is better than Amar's Gheesa Peeta (worn/torn) Canon, which has captured all sinful anatomic statues/busts of Florence and Spain. By God Amar and his Cannon will rot in hell.