Monday, August 06, 2007

Once upon a time in India (cont'd)

Amar and Akbar arrive in a large covered market. They walk through the myriad of stores selling clothes, jewellery, furniture and household items to arrive in front of a tailors’.

The sign reads PIPALINAGAR TAILORS’. There is an elderly man in one corner reading a vernacular newspaper. A man is haggling over the price of a suit. A schoolboy is having his uniform measured.

Amar walks up to the counter and asks: Me and my brother here were wondering if you had a pair of Japanese shoes?

It’s a tailors’, not a shoe shop. The man in the counter replies. But we do have a number of fine English trousers.

No thank you. But I would be interested in a red Russian hat. Amar responds.

The elderly man leaves his newspaper and steps in: Ah we have just the thing for you, please come this way.