Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I dance with the Green Fairy

La Fee Verte Posted by Hello

I danced with the Green Fairy this weekend. She was 70% alcohol volume, or 140 proof. Even my room-mate's brother the sea-man had not encountered such potent poison before. Alas, I have nothing special to report. Inspite of drinking to excess, there were no fatal effects of wormwood poisoning, nor was I visited by strange and creative hallucinations.

A bit about absinth and wormwood here:

Absinthe is the main source of wormwood's notoriety. There is simply no other beverage which has been surrounded by so much mystique and ceremony. Its mystique is of course helped by the fact that the liqueur has been banned in most countries since the early part of (the last) century.

Absinthe remains controversial today. The psychoactive principles are not well understood.

Photo also from same site.