Monday, May 09, 2005

Lota hai Lota

Maha Lota Posted by Hello

Lota hai lota
lotay kay peechay
hai musharraf ka sota*!

Lota...the symbol of desi hygiene, desi family values, political clout and and a basic tool for washing one's ass. Yes, i am talking about that lota. The one which NRI, NRP and the whole non-resident alphabet have forgotten.

Such a simple piece of 10 rupee plastic, aptly called by one firangi in a Jang news paper as the lidless tea pot, could stand for so much in any part of the world, which amazes me and is linked to so many aspects of our lives.

First the colour and shape. The lota comes in various shapes and colours, just like people do. The bigger the ass the bigger the lota required.

Moving on to its beak. You see in some parts of world like good old saudia...its called a dallah in arabic. yea...the same dallah (apt name for pimp in urdu), which brings me and a local whore few inches closer.

Now the lota when pushed, slips across the washroom floor, just like when Musharraf gives a push with his martial sota* a whole political party changes sides and loyalties by slipping across the parliament floor (this act of switiching political loyalties is appropriately named lota for individuals).

Apart from slipping the lota does lotsa international travelling. I have seen it in New Zealand, Saudia, and it will probably be found in USA. Thanks to old grannies who migrate to firangi countries in order to assist thier daughter in law for their next green card delivery, carry this desi symbol of hygiene and purity. And if one forgets this plastic, well tsk tsk, one has to make do with aqua fina plastic bottle :-).

Such is the versatility of our home grown lota. A symbol of hygiene, political upheaval and unity. I wish I could post a few pictures of lota, since I couldnot find the picture of a plastic lota, I decided to put the above gentleman's pic. This is Mr. Sheikh Rasheed aka The master Lota. He not only switched sides in a tough pakistani political career but managed to rise from the depths of Mushrraf's Jail to become his right hand Minister of Information. Salute to Thee O! Lota of Lotas!

* Sota ; Stick in punjabi