Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mr. Manager! You are number 1!

All organisations (big or small) have an appraisal system for their staff. Our company is one such mutinational accounting firm who have a sophisticated system of sorts. After a tough audit season, we are currently in the process of doing appraisals of our colleagues and seniors.

One aspect of appraisal is to grade the randomly selected colleagues on a scale of 1-5. Number 1 being 'Significant improvement required' to number 5 being 'Outstanding'.

Apparently, one guthra clad Saudi colleague goes to one manager and says ' Mr. Manager (name not disclosed) I like working with you very much. So I give you no. 1 Because you are really no.1! All manager very good. I gave number 1 to all!"

Knowing that peer appraisals are being carried out...our Mr. Managers rush off to the HR partner on this blunder of unimaginable proportions, fearing that the next promotion would be stalled.

A lighter moment to share with you after a hard season of number crunching.