Sunday, July 10, 2005

terror in london 2

It's never the openly loathing the West and its infidel ways skull-cap with a fistful of beard. More often, it's the clean-shaved professional with an appreciation for Belgian chocolates and European colas.

And for Amar's comment about why the Jihadis would want to target their own brothers, maybe they don't view the rest of us as brothers. What of these Arab analysts - liberals, socialists, Marxists, atheists, humanists, feminists, whores, buggers, queens, dopers, junkies... a real rain will finally come and wash all the deviant scum off the Arab street. And the wretched ones of Banglatown, what of them? Heaven awaits if they were pious, and if they were not, then the eternal damnation is just. And as for the ISI playing holi in Connaught Place, I don't know the exact numbers, but I suspect Jihadi violence may have killed as many Pakistanis as Indians.

The mainstream Western media and London bloggers contrast the stoicism and poise shown by Londoners with the hysteric Yankees during the Anthrax or Washington sniper scare. Maybe Amar can comment, he is after all in the Realm.

Finally, Bangladeshi daily Prothom Alo reports that 'Bangabandhu's youngest daughter survives the terror attack' - hmmm, maybe it's not the Jihad international, maybe it is the misguided Bangladeshi army officers trying to end a 30-year old feud.