Thursday, July 07, 2005

terror in london

While it's way too early to say anything, according to some talking head on my TV screen, the number dead might be less than in Madrid or Bali. If so, are we witnessing a change in tactics by Al Qaeda? And what will be the fallouts? This will probably be good for Blair, I would think, politically that is. Meanwhile, the emergency services in London appear to be extremely efficient.

Amar: If perpetrators are Al Qaeda or related, an odd selection of targets. Liverpool Street Station is at the edge of Banglatown and the City, and Edgware Street is closer to being the Arab Street of political analyst fantasy than any street in Cairo or Damascus. Why target your own brothers and their territory? It's not like the rest of London (or indeed Europe) was out of bounds.

The ISI celebrates Holi in Connaught Place, not in Chandani Chowk.

Amar: Nice of them to target places I am quite familiar with. I have been at each of the bomb sites sometime this year. Alas, if only they had got the timing right!