Thursday, November 24, 2005

photo: another failed romance

At the Saarc summit

another failed romance: notice how the suitor has became nervous and tongue-tied, notice how the object of his affections has cruelly started mocking him

He thinks in mournful ghazal:

rahi na taqat-e-guftaar, aur agar ho bhi
to kis ummeed pe kahiye ki aarzoo kya hai

I've lost my power of speech, but even if I hadn't
with what hope could I give voice to my desire?

She thinks in mocking qawwali:

koyee marta hai mare, ham pe ehsaan nahin
unse kyoon bat karein, jinse pehchan nahin!

if he dies over me, let him die
It is not a kindness to me!
why should i talk to someone,
who is no acquaintance of mine!