Monday, February 13, 2006

Dr. Dhakna (bottlecap) Chaudry (DDC) – The medical years

You may have read about Qari bond 00786 and a mention of Dr. Dhakna in one of those blogs which a hindu-muslim-christian brotherhood maintain.

Dr. Dhakna is one such loose character bred in the dodgy streets of the East Pakistan Era Dhaka. Only profit and opportunity lured this greedy Punjabi out of his shack on Jehlum river to give a helping hand to his brother in law with his thriving business in Dhaka ’65.

He can be described as a Pakistani Hulk Hogan (WWF wrestler) with the white skin, hair and moustaches. He had permanent white hair since young age. It is said; he sprinkled Boric (cockroach) powder on his body to enjoy longevity as the legend goes. And not surprisingly he is the most active of all oldies at 70 today.

His origins are murky. It is said that he used to trade in the raw materials for the special perfume made by the mysterious Sufis of the Harrapa & Mohenjodaro fame. The Sufis famous for finding their customers before the customers find them had one major fan in the form of Qari bond who later on went on to become the grave digger in arms with DDC.

DDC used to provide the cockroach powder necessary for the perfumes effectiveness. In later days, Qari bond would be using the same perfume and luring Mukti Baini women.

Any how, continuing with the antics of DDC. First act of charity he did was to enroll in local medical college, so as to keep an eye on his newly engaged nephew and his movements. This was done as a favour to his rich cousin, who would of course be the father in law to the nephew.

The next five years would be a breeze for DDC, as he would be that minor botheration for all lecturers and students alike, apart from supplying dead bodies for medical lectures as a joint venture with Qari Bond or stealing his nephew’s mustard oil now and then for shiny hair treatment (which would be conveniently replaced with shampoo by the clever nephew).

Eventually he got out of university with MBBS First Class Fail, which meant he failed the exams but got the degree because of his cousin’s donation to the medical college.

Finally the revolts started and Bengal was not safe for wrestler look alike of Pakistani origin. It was time to head home and start a new dodgy life. But home was not to be Pakistan for a few years.

To be continued.

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