Friday, June 23, 2006

enter berlin

Berlin if suitably prepared for, is a city of possibilities. Every dour customs official appears a potential double agent, and any unusual looking passenger a potential assassin.

There is an intriguing looking woman reading Brick Lane in the 22-35 pm S9 S-Bahn Train from Schonefeld Airport (the old communist airport) to Ostkreuty. Blond, thin, in her thirties, the first lines of age are on her face. Her eyes are dark, so dark that I cannot even notice the whites of her eyes. But intriguing I said. And by intriguing I donät just mean half naked, albeit that she was. But there is an element of mystery and glamour surrounding her beyond this obvious interest. There she sat, cool and distant, reading her book, now half-covered by a shawl of delicate raw silk. Her luggage consisted of a trolley bag, a guitar case, and a designer Paul Smith shopping bag. She then crossed and uncrossed her legs most scandalously.

Meanwhile, the old woman on my right alternatively eyes me and then the mystery woman, a little curious, a little suspicious. Welcome to Berlin, ladies and gentleman. You are now leaving the reality sector. Anything can happen here, and it probably will. This is Amar reporting. Over and out.