Friday, June 23, 2006

writing poetrz in german

tastes prettz scheisse

psÖ In German, ss is substituted with the letter ß of course. I am quite pleased to be able to use it here, so perhaps, an encoreÖ
tastes prettz scheiße

danke schön.

ppsÖ Berlinerweiße, for the uninitiated, is a weird German beer concoction. The beer is never served on its own, alwazs either red or green. Red means the addition of raspberrz szrup, and green woodruff szrup. It is not clear what exactlz woodruff is ö but it tastes verz sweet, and verz awful.

Meanwhile, the whole area near the hostel seems abandoned. There is a street of small industrial buildings, adjacent to another of lowßlzing apartment blocks. All are covered in graffiti, including the outside windows (amayinglz unbroken) of the upper apartment stories, and thus appear to be abandoned. While there is much noise here, that area looks dead and silent. Abandoned citz blocks in a sea pf prosperitz? It cannot be completelz emptz, there are some cars parked there. Are those apartments inhabited? What do the letters spreazpainted on the outside of the 4th storz windows sqell out? What are the commercial buildings , what were thez once? And what lies at the end of the block? I would venture further to investigate, but I donät have mz walther ppk at the moment. It will be interesting what dazlight reveals.