Saturday, August 26, 2006

Great Indian Rip-off 8

Previously, both Ali and Jawahar are dead, but their legacy continues with the dispute over Kashmir Apparels (Parts 1-3, Part 4, Part 5 and Parts 6-7).

Kids grow up with the passing of time. This allows for the hiring of fresh faces. Fresh faces are good, because that allows the producers to peddle old formula of romantic triangles, deceits and betrayals and plot twists like unwanted pregnancies in new forms.

And the saga continues.

Mujib, Fatima’s estranged son, grows up to become a used car salesman. Meanwhile, Fatima and Zia have a son named Pervez.

Mujib’s cousin Zulfiqar Ali, the illegitimate son of Abdullah and Ayuba, starts work in an adult store, eventually becoming the manager of a porno theatre.

Indira, Jawahar-Edwina’s daughter, grows up to become a teller in the local bank.

Jaya Lalita, Sanjay and Lal Krishna are still young, but Sanjay shows all signs of becoming a street thug. Orphan Lal Krishna is brought to work in the factory by Morarji.

Both Mujib and Zulfi fall in love with Indira — what was that about peddling old formula? Old Ayuba encourages Zulfi, hoping that this would give her the control over the business. Morarji is of course dead against the idea. And whom does Indira choose? Mujib or Zulfi? She likes them both. This keeps the viewers guessing for many episodes.

Finally Indira makes a choice. It is Mujib. And yet it is not over with Zulfi. Yes, you guessed it. She is pregnant, and Zulfi is the father. Or is he? Indira breaks it off with Zulfi when the daughter, Benazir, is born.

An enraged Zulfi decides to teach Mujib a lesson. He seeks the help of his Uncle Zia. Zia, you’d recall, never got along with Mujib. During the melee, Zia stabs and kills Mujib. In the ensuing trial, however, Zia testifies against Zulfi, and Zulfi hangs.