Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Great Indian Rip-off 9

Previously, Indira is widowed (Parts 1-3, Part 4, Part 5, Parts 6-7 and Part 8).

Sanjay grows up. He wants to take control of the family business. Remember, the business is technically owned by Indira, but is run by Uncle Morarji. Morarji is reluctant to relinquish control. Indira’s efforts at persuading him come to no avail. Sanjay suggests violence. Indira consents.

Sanjay hires a local thug called Jarnail Singh to threaten Morarji and his family. Frightened Morarji gives up.

But Jarnail soon becomes a menace for Indira and Sanjay. Jarnail develops a crush on Sanjay. When the feeling is not reciprocated, Jarnail shoots and kills both Indira and Sanjay.

Benazir becomes the technical owner of Kashmir Apparels. But she grows up to be a complete bimbo. An old accountant named Manmohan looks after the day-to-day business, but like vultures circling a dead cow, there are people after the factory.

Morarji is too old. His daughter Jaya Lalita has grown up by now and is working as a checkout girl in the local supermarket. Jaya Lalita’s boyfriend, a local mechanic called Rajiv, pushes her to take an active interest in the business.

Lal Krishna, Jawahar’s unacknowledged son, has his own ambitions, and brooks no competition from Rajiv. Rajiv is eliminated from the picture, however, when a local gangster called Tiger Bofors plants a bomb in his car.

Meanwhile, Zia’s son Pervez has grown up, while Sanjay’s girlfriend Sonia expresses interest in the business.

And so the saga continues….

Note: The Great Indian Rip-off is a spoof of the 20th century political history of Desh. All characters mentioned have famous namesakes. All allusions are intentional. No apologies are offered if dedicated followers of any politician are offended.