Saturday, February 17, 2007

Napoleon Einstein Plays Cricket

Napoleon Einstein made a successful debut for Tamil Nadu in the Ranji One Day Tournament this week, scoring 92 off 105 balls while opening the batting. Based on his one match so far, Napoleon appears to be one of the greatest named cricketers in first class history. And oh yes, he opens the batting and bowls part-time offspinners. According to Cricinfo, sadda Napoleon is only 17 years of age, so it is conceivable that he and his fabulous name will be on the cricket scene for quite a while.

Amar Akbar Anthony salute Napoleon's parents for giving their son the most colourful name in cricket, and hope that the name of Napoleon Einstein will one day be celebrated in both domestic and international cricket.

While we are celebrating the arrival of our new hero, it is also fitting to remember one whose first class career is drawing to a close. Ashish Winston Zaidi of Uttar Pradesh has a special place in our heart, as a man whose name shares the ideals and length of our own. In fact, his nickname among his teammates has always been - what else? - Amar Akbar Anthony! He never quite made it to the Indian team, but for three decades he has given his best to his team and to Indian cricket.

Napoleon Einstein and Ashish Winston Zaidi - may the Force be with you!