Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Titanic: The curse of Allah

This is the real ishtorey of Titanic – the ship, the philm and the fornicating occupants including Jack (ass) and Rose (the hoe).

By the Will and Grace (not that lesbian/gay friendship sitcom) of Allah, the Titanic truth behind Titanic will be revealed unto all within the space permitted by this post and through the infidel support of Amar and Anthony.

In the name of Allah the most Gracious and Merciful.

We start with the ship. It is a huge ass mofo ship brothers and sistas. It is meant to be a means of transport but used like a five star hotel by these western infidels, where casino, drinking and fornication are permitted with privacy not available on land during those times!

Such privacy and such distance! Ideal for the Satan - the enemy of Allah. Why should he be left out of all the fun!

As the American expression goes ‘to cut to the chase’, while ass and hoe (oops!. I mean Jack and Rose) make out in the back seat of a Cadillac probably(?)…the fat ass captain was slurping tea down in his cabin.

What happens to a unpiloted cruise ship without headlights in the middle of Atlantic ocean? It crashes into an ice berg… that’s what happens brotha and sistas.

But wait my friends. This crash was meant to be. For Allah had sealed the eyes and hearts of the infidel despite the excellent indoor five star chandelier lighting within the ship. For they were not meant to see the ice berg as it was Allah’s will.

Such is the price that the passengers had to pay for the sins of Jack and Rose. Such is the price Allah extracts from Rose for her beyond the limit ubarhti jawani (excessively overactive youth estrogen).

As the cruise ship tilted vertically, the Dajjal’s daughter managed to cling on to the railing…while all passengers just fell and fell into the dark waters of the Atlantic. Instead of submitting to Allah’s will the Dajjal strives to live through this challenge from Allah so as to seduce more future Jacks into asses and to carry the satanic generation forward in the form a seed planted by the gullible and seducible Jack.

On a side note, before the ships tilts, the musicians keep playing oblivious to the panic around them. They were NOT soul extracting Israfeels (death angels). They were waiting to be paid from the guy who hired them.

In the end, what happens my dear reader? history always repeats itself. Jack sinks and sinks to the bottom of the sea, trying to save that infidel seed carried by Rose. But was he not knowledgeable that the vile hoe intended to exchange his life for the precious gem given unto her by an ex-Fiance.

The cursed woman carried on with her life obtaining a nice flat on mortgage in Amerika and what’s more she also got a green card. Poor hard working Mexicans spend their lives trying to cross the border and obtain green card, while this daughter of Dajjal manages to get all this by doing nothing other than seducing Jack and cheating a rich man out his gems.

Finally, we see in the movie that old Rose throws the precious gem into the ocean. It is only a guise. The real gem is placed in a safety deposit box in Chase Manhattan Bank.

Such a fine actor this old Rose is? She shamelessly admits to lying naked on a cruise sofa, to have sketch made out by the gullible Jack.

Surely dear reader, with occupants like Jack and rose, this ship was to be cursed and meet its ill fate. May Allah have mercy on the soul of the many ignorant and innocent passengers. Amen.