Monday, April 09, 2007


Aye ghalib! Ishq* ka bana phirta hai tu charagh

Gumrah ho gaye hain, mohabbat ka kaisa hai yeh pursuroor andaz.

Ishq kay barey bol tunay likkhey,

Himmat nahi, ataq gaye hai halaq main dil kii baat.

Aye ustaad-e-hali,

Sikhaya nahi ishq tunay huddodon kay paar,

Tanhai mein rehgaye hain (teray chahney wale),

Dikha hi dey apnay bhujtay charagh ka kamal.

Sharabi phar kar tujhe, kartein hain khuda ko yaad,

Kyon kartey hain sarey, sharab ko badnaam!!?

On seeing the movie Mirza Ghalib, I clearly got the impression he was a weakling of a person
who would have loved to settle in NZ and live off tax payer funded unemployment benefit and munch KFC! Loser!

Sigh! Translation for the unfortunate;


O Ghalib! Regarded you are as the guiding light of Ishq

But lost we remain, such are the ways of love.

Spoken big word you have on Ishq

But will is lost – the words remain stuck in their throat

O Teacher of Hali!

Taught you have not, Ishq beyond the boundaries

Remain abandoned your followers

Hoping to see the miracle of you dimming lamp

The drunkard remembers God after reading you

Why is the wine blamed for everyone’s woes!?

* Passion/Lust