Sunday, April 08, 2007


Tax season is on and its getting hot in Saudi. Brothers Amar is probably busy or were busy with tax, and who knows what Anthony gets up to, and nobody is watching the world cup except for Bengalis and Sri Lankans-

and love is a hanging around a bit late in the air -

So for those delusional enough to beleive in love before marriage - there's a better substitute - Ishq (passion/Lust) - and I dedicate the verses below to all Passion laden Asshiqs -Salam-e-Ishq!!!

You are the summer in my shivering nights

You are the cool breeze in my humid days

But the stars guide if it were not for you

Hopeless I am without your soothing voice.

Life is a bit less, with no smile from you.

Without your shadow I die useless,

With your hand I live careless.

Your every breath makes me want to live

A hundred lives

But your one downcast look

Causes the pain of a lover’s death.

Shiver I do in the summer nights for you,

May cool breezy days become humid for you.