Thursday, January 03, 2008

How the Benazir assassination has affected A-A-A

As his career in the import-export business hit a brick wall, Amar was looking for a new career. His facebook photo provided him with one. He is now Billawal Bhutto Zardari's body double. Girls, the womanising party animal is the real Billawal, so relax. Hardcore PPP activists, that guy quoting obscure Urdu poetry and irrelevant historical facts is Amar, but since the real Billawal can't speak Urdu, you're better off with the double,

Meanwhile, inspired by the fiery rhetorics of pretentious Bangladeshi blogs with names like deepshit and the trailer of Jodha Akbar, Akbar has joined politics. Not electoral politics though, his is the path of revolution. In the first communique of his group Al Akbar, Akbar stated from an undisclosed location that 'democracy has no meaning in Pakistan until all the feudal landlords are liquidated'. Then the crowd, or some kids, were heard chanting 'Nara-e-Akbar Akbar Akbar'. Then an elderly lady was heard yelling 'Oh my son, stop looking at those dirty pictures of Amsterdam'.

Anthony too has been affected by the assassination. Buoyed by the success of his solo investigative writing efforts (which includes such classics such as 'Joe DiMaggio killed JFK because the latter screwed Marilyn'), Anthony is about to unveil the true killer of Bibi - Asif Ali Zardari!