Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On speeding in Saudi

Driving a car in Saudi can be a hair losing experience. No wonder the driving license test is so difficult to pass.

It is not that the there is no traffic code. The fact that Saudis don’t follow the code is of real concern.

As the expatriate view goes, Saudis drive fast

1. In order to catch their wives red handed in the arms of a stranger
2. To avoid the red signals and the subsequent delays,
3. Because they have to rush to the loo.
4. Because the traffic police will never chase them.
5. Because their rice on meat or meat on rice dinner is getting cold; and/or
6. Because they are suspected Al Qaeda operatives.

However, the Saudis give only one reason for speeding;

'The speedometer reads maximum speed 240 Km/hr. There is a reason they made 240 Km/Hr. if the legal speed limit is to be 120Km/hr then they should make the speedometer for 120km/hr.'